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  We specalize in building world-class high technology companies through the application of financing and professional management.Our principals have real world design, manufacturing and marketing experience in both hardware and software companies, along with an extensive background in venture capital. We have run successful small companies and divisions of major corporations. Our efforts are focused on developing ideas, processes, tools and products that offer significant time-to-market and cycle time improvements. On occasion, we provide interim management for our client companies. Incites Ventures deploys several innovative tools that yield a rapid cycle time strategic assessment and a high performance implementation environment. At the heart of the Incites Ventures approach is our premier tool, the Incites Process, which has been used hundreds of times in companies ranging from startups to multinationals with over $2 billion in sales. We look for companies that first and foremost have superior technology and technologists. Often the founding team needs assistance in taking the company to its next stage of evolution. By providing financing and management guidance, Incites Ventures helps the founding team think through and develop a strategy that can be successfully implemented. Our compensation is principally equity based. We believe in sharing in the success our clients through growth in their valuation. As active members of a clients' Boards of Directors and, at times, short term management employees, we create a path to superior investor and employee liquidity. If you feel that Incites Ventures might help shape the growth plan of your company, please contact us. If you're interested in understanding more about our methods, take a look at our company scorecard questionnaire.




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