AI-powered deep insights for teams

1. Connect Data

Authorise Incites to access your data, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

2. Receive Insights

Discover what content is making an impact via automated insights.

3. Engage

With one click, invite your team and start discussing what Incites finds.

As easy as scrolling

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at analytics and instantly know what it’s telling you about your content? We know how complex and unwieldy analytics dashboards can be, so we decided to do something revolutionary. We killed the dashboard. Instead, our powerful AI automatically discovers insights and tells you the interesting parts in an easily digestible live feed. It’s all the data smarts you need, and none of the complexity you don’t.

Incites measures impact fast, intelligently identifies successful content strategies, and packages the data up into presentation-ready visuals.

Billy Falkingham

Marketing Manager - Medibank

Numbers for words people

Incites fetches data about your content from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Our proprietary algorithms then go to work analyzing your data and finding patterns in audience behaviour. Incites turns these findings into simple terms to tell you what content is making an impact. Fast.

It’s like having a team of data scientists analysing your content. Except it’s 24/7 and never sleeps.

Henry Innis

Engagement Strategy Director, Y&R ANZ

Made for collaboration

Incites makes it easy to discuss content wins and losses with your teammates. Draw immediate attention to emerging opportunities or matters of concern. Celebrate your team’s successes and collect feedback from your colleagues. Talk about what’s working, and help your team find the next great content idea.

With Incites, our evergreen stories don’t happen by accident - they happen by design.

Maggie Kelly

Content Editor