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Get insights delivered to you around the clock in a personalized newsfeed. Written in natural language, simple to understand, easy to share and to discuss with teammates.

If you're drowning in data, you need Incites

Insights are the battleground for customer attention.  Knowing something your competitor doesn’t and acting on it fast is the only sustainable way to grow and succeed. Incites tells you this using simple natural language and clear, crisp visuals.

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Insights that find you

Business are drowning in data, but desperate to find insights. Email inboxes are clogged with static reports and dashboard fatigue has kicked in. Precious time is being wasted trying to make sense of it all. What if instead insights could find you? Incites analyzes your data for you and tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it. The result? Bite-size, digestible insights, delivered to you in a personalized live feed, and made for you to discuss and take action. Invite your teammates to join the conversation with one click, and incite your next great business idea.