Incite your next great idea

Stop drowning in data and start getting real insights. Get automated insights in a personalized feed, discuss them with your team, and take action to capture more audience attention.

If you make content, you need Incites.

Content is the battleground for people’s attention. If you’re a brand, publisher, or agency, you need to know what’s grabbing your audience’s attention. Incites tells you exactly what’s happening, in natural language.

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Customers getting AI content insights, right now.

Say goodbye to dashboards

If you work with content, you know that analytics dashboards are complex and unwieldy to use. Your time is wasted trying to make sense of it all. Incites analyzes your data for you and tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

The result? Bite-size, digestible insights, delivered to you in a live feed, and made for you to discuss and take action. Invite your teammates to join the conversation with one click, and incite your next great content idea.